OpenCon 2018 may be over, but the projects aren't. You can still get involved...

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Participate from wherever you are by contributing to a do-a-thon project or challenge. You can also browse according to: issue area, region, or skills needed.

Projects are ideas that are being put into action and need specific types of contributions. Project leads will specify what kinds of support, skills, and contributions they are looking for in their project Github thread.

Challenges are broader problems that don't yet have a concrete idea proposed on how to solve them. Groups working on challenges will work together to deeply understand a problem, the system that problem operates in, and who it affects, before diving into designing a solution. Proposed solutions to challenges can eventually turn into projects.

Once you've found a challenge or project you're excited about, it's time to get involved! Make sure you know how to contribute, stay up to date and be supportive before getting started.


Tip: Clicking on the "Help Needed" column will lead you to a discussion thread with more information about the type of support the project needs, and instructions on how you can contribute! See which projects have been most recently updated here.

Project Name What's this project all about? Help Needed
{{Project Name}} {{Project Summary}} {{What aspects of the project need support during the do-a-thon? }}

Unless requested, projects submitted in prevous years aren't listed above, but can be found here.


What problems are our community members trying to address today? Explore them below! Clicking on each 'challenge' will lead to a longer discussion thread about the topic. Or jump directly to our Github page to see what challenges have been most recently updated.

What are we trying to solve?
{{Problem Statement}}

Unless requested, challenges submitted in previous years aren't listed above, but can be found here.

How to find a project and stay up to date

On this page you can find lots of different ways to find something to get involved with. Once you find something, we'll take you to Github. The page you land on is a bit scary, but all you need to worry about is clicking on a topic that interests you. Then you'll be able to get involved. If you're not ready to get involved yet, but want to get updates on what happens, subscribe for notifications over email. There is a button on the sidebar for this when you're signed in!

How to contribute

Github is a platform for open source, collaborative working. We'll be using it as a space to work together on do-a-thon projects and challenges. Specifically, we are doing this through Github "issues". Each issue will act as a mini discussion thread for each project or challenge people are working on. If you don't already have one, you'll need to create a Github account. It only takes 5 minutes (top tips: try and use your name as your username, you only need the free plan, and you can skip step 3)!

After that, getting involved is as easy as posting a comment on the project or challenge you've chosen. You can explore projects and challenges right on this page. In your comments you can paste an image, make a link to Gdoc to flesh something out, anything. Just remember to bring it all back to the issue regularly to keep people up to date.

After you've commented once, you can keep up to date from your inbox automatically!

Be supportive and respectful

Doing activism is hard work, but knowing the community cares can get you a long way. Leave a comment saying you love someones idea or work, leave a smily face reaction, or share their idea on Twitter. It all helps. Finally, remember that all do-a-thon participants must comply with OpenCon's Code of Conduct — which does not tolerate discrimination or harassment.

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